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We welcome businesses and individuals who are in need of tax preparation and planning services.

If you are an owner of rental properties, we can help you with your taxes.

Hans Kasper as a Certified Public Accountant and Hans Kasper, MS-CPA, PS as a Certified Public Accounting firm are licensed to practice in the State of Washington.

Recommended Accountants and Bookkeepers and QuickBooks Bookkeeping Checklist: Click to obtain a list of recommended bookkeepers by Seattle to Everett locations, a listing of bookkeeping requirements necessary to prepare a tax return, and a general business tax organizer.

Recommended Legal Counsel:  Click to obtain a list of recommended attorneys.

Recommended IRS Collection and Offers in Compromise Counsel:  Click to obtain a list of recommended IRS collections and offer in compromise counsel.

Bookkeeping on Excel: this spreadsheet is to be used for your bookkeeping purposes if you do not use the QuickBooks accounting program.

Insolvency and Foreclosure worksheet: Click to obtain an Excel sheet to calculate your taxable income and taxable gain or loss from debt forgiveness and foreclosures.

1040 Individual Tax Organizer for 2012: this is a blank income tax organizer for new clients to use to fill in their 2012 income tax data.

Business Tax Organizer: this is a blank business income tax organizer for all business clients to use to supplement their business income tax data.

Form 1040 Income Tax Fee Schedule: We have increased our fees for 1040 tax returns.  Please click on this link to review the charges.

Form 1120, 1120S, 1065 Income Tax Fee Schedule: We have increased our fees for theSE tax returns.  Please click on this link to review the charges.

Salvation Army Non-cash Charitable Contribution Value List

Where's My Refund Phone Number: a special IRS phone number to call on your refund.

Where's My Refund Web Site: a special IRS web site to check on your refund.

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