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It is my policy to accept new clients based on the following standards:

  1. The client is in an industry that we serve or one that does not required special expertise.  Most new clients are not in an industry that requires a special expertise; however, should the client's industry require a special expertise that I do not have, I will gladly take the time to locate several CPA firms that support that expertise.

  2. The client has past due payroll taxes, excise taxes, or sales taxes that are minimal and can be paid off within 30 calendar days.

  3. The client has past due income taxes or past due income tax returns and is willing to work toward a resolution of the past due tax issues. 

  4. A retainer will be required to begin servicing clients with past due tax payment or tax return issues--items two and three above.

  5. I do not prepare offers in compromise for new clients; however, please see the following link.

  6. The client is willing to cooperate by providing to me the data I need to properly prepare financial statements and/or tax returns.

  7. All clients are expected to take full, legal-advantage of the tax law; however, if it is found that they are not following the tax law in a legal manner and do not wish to correct those issues, then their business relationship with my firm will be discontinued.  It is not my wish to spend my valuable time, emotional energy, or monetary resources on criminal legal defense or in any dealings with the Investigation Division of the IRS.

  8. Please review our payment and credit policy.


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