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Personal Property Tax


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Personal property tax is assessed by each county on business equipment (does not include real estate, vehicles, or inventory).  You need to contact the county assessorís office
so that they can send out a personal property form for you to fill out.

This form is filed each year in April and lists the equipment as of January 1st of that year.

Unlike real estate taxes where the current year's payment is for the current year's taxes, personal property taxes paid in the current year are for the prior year's taxes.  You are always one year behind.

If you are a sole proprietorship (not a corporation or a partnership), then the first $3,000 of equipment is not taxable for personal property tax.  Also, the tax is applied to the cost of the equipment excluding sales tax and including the cost of installation and shipping.

King County Personal Property Taxes 

Snohomish County Personal Property Taxes

Pierce County Personal Property Taxes

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