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Business Accounting Services

Income Tax Services

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Business Accounting Services

Often, a business owner knows where they are going, but does not know what it will cost them to get there.  Profits and cash flow are the fuels that allow your business to succeed.  We provide financial and management accounting services that supplies the owner with the knowledge they need to create jet fuel for their business through:


Income Tax Services

Tax planning, preparing your income tax return, and audit concerns can be a complicated and trying process.  We can turn this into a stress-free proceeding for you by creating a tax plan that will minimize your taxes and by preparing your tax returns as a reflection of that plan through:

  • Individual Income Tax Return Preparation and Tax Planning

  • Proprietorship, Partnership, and Corporate Tax Return Preparation and Planning

  • IRS Audit Representation

  •  Education on Tax Deductions for Business and Personal Income Tax Returns

  • Tax Plans for Proprietorships, Partnerships, and C Corporations that allow your medical insurance, medical expenses, and dependent care costs to become a tax-deductible benefit and a tax savings.

  • For IRA, Roth IRA, and SEP-IRA Investment Options, see Investment Advisor Representative


Bookkeeping Services

Many small businesses are not large enough to afford their own full-time bookkeeping staff.  The next best alternative they have is to outsource these services to a professional and reliable accounting firm or to have such a firm train a family member or part-time employee. 

I have staff available who can prepare your bookkeeping, payroll tax returns, and excise tax returns for your business.  This includes

  • Historic entry of the deposits and checks.

  • Reconciliation of bank accounts.

  • Preparation of payroll tax returns and deposits for Forms 941, 940, State Unemployment, Labor and Industries, and 1099s.

  • Preparation of Washington State and City Sales Tax, Use Tax, and Excise Tax returns.

In addition, we can help train you in the use of:

  • QuickBooks for PC

  • QuickBooks and Quicken Training

  • Bank Reconciliations

  • Payroll Tax Return Preparation

  • Excise (B&O Sales Use) Tax Preparation

  • Personal Property Tax Return Preparation

  • Training in Record-keeping Systems


Payroll Processing Services

We recommend ADP or Paychex for payroll processing services.

Otherwise, QuickBooks is an excellent program for you to process your payroll on your own.

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